Wednesday, April 10, 2013

     I have a little over three days before 26 little ones and their parents descend upon our dwelling.  Unfortunately for me (and them), said dwelling looks more like the aftermath of a natural disaster than a home right now.  I am pretty sure some nasty demon found me in the middle of the night and poured superglue on my bottom, because I've been stuck like glue to the couch all week.  In fact, the only thing I have managed to clean out is every last drop of any item containing sugar in the pantry.  Said items are beyond pleased with their new home, recognizable by it's lovely muffin shape, located right at the top of the waist of my jeans.  Everything seems like an overwhelmingly huge chore, and the clock is ticking.  I suppose I could just leave everything as is, and THIS time at the end of the party when I announce that there is no need to clean up because, "It really ALWAYS looks like this," everyone would finally believe me.  I could get off the computer, finish start my lesson plans for R.E. tonight, and then dive into the cleaning.  Or I could just start tomorrow.  If you are reading this, let me do YOU get over slumps like this?