Monday, December 10, 2012

Game On!

      Last night a friend mentioned reading one of my posts on here.  "Oh yeah," I thought, "I have a blog."  I started this blog after a confession when a priest told me to take the time to do something for myself.  I can't say that I love to write, but I do find it therapeutic, so this blog is what I came up with.  I am not exactly sure what my purpose of my blog is, but it has served as a good place for me to reflect on some of the things that dominate my crazy world, and I do find sorting those things out to help bring peace.  I am also certain that some of the same struggles I go through, others have gone through, or know someone who has gone through, and it helps to know you are not alone.  So here it is.  It has been so long since I have even written anything, that I don't know where to even start.  So you 1 or 2 people who happen to stumble upon this, can sit back and prepare for a ramble, I guess.
     I got a little too personal in my last post and the thought of writing again made my stomach turn.  Most likely because I was shining a giant spotlight on my own sins.  Pride.  It's lovely, isn't it?  I am happy to report that all is still going well on THAT battlefront.  Unfortunately the enemy has changed his tactic and is now attacking from another angle.  I've been hit by the lazy bug.  "Hit" may be too light of a word.  Stampeded, is probably much more suitable.  A few weeks ago my husband woke up one morning, looked up at the sun shining through our bedroom window, and said, "We're in a snow globe."  It was a great joke around here for a few weeks.  I tried desperately to make up for my weeks of neglect which had caused the "snow"storm to rear its' ugly head.  Eventually I threw in the towel, or rather the dust rag, and decided the snow globe was actually quite beautiful.  Or so I tried to convince myself.
     So my gluttony has been traded in for sloth.  As for all of my efforts in limiting my internet time by deactivating my facebook account...well, that worked very well, for a short time.  You see, what comes with a change in dress size?  New clothes.  Online browsing/shopping is my latest internet addiction. With all of the great sales going on right now, it does make financial sense to buy what I really do need, for a discount.  I am almost done.  Just some dress pants, and I am good to go.  So I am hoping that the fact that I am on to his little game, will help me to get back on track soon. 
   Praise God!  Sloth and internet addiction:  Prepare for battle!!  After months of praying for help, today was the day He decided to step in and let the sun shine brightly in my soul.  I am guessing His mother had something to do with this.  Thanks, Mama!  :)  Today I am filled with energy, peace, and patience.  The laundry is almost ALL done.  Seriously, that does NOT happen in this house.  The dishes are done.  The kids had a great school day.  The floor is swept.  AND, the biggest hurdle of all...I am NOT freaking out and feeling overwhelmed by all the other areas of house keeping neglect that are proof of my sin.  Game on!  I am ready to tackle those sins, because the troops have arrived!

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