Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long Lost Summer Found

    When I think of summer I remember long days of swimming with my friends, chasing fireflies, and wishing it would never end.  Every summer I try to find those days with my own children, but they are lost.  They are buried in the busyness of our lives.  Baseball, soccer, play practice, piano, AHG, Cub Scouts, basketball, lego club, art class, never ends.  SUMMER!!!!  Where are you????  I miss you!!!  Perhaps I just need a different perspective.  In fact, if I look out my window right now I know I will see two boys having the time of their lives, sliding down the Slip and Slide, enjoying the freedom of  "no school", and awaiting their next big game or practice with great anticipation.  I also know that there is a sweet little girl bathing herself after her own adventures outside left her covered in grass clippings.  And the chubby-cheeked boy, who desperately wants to be bigger than he is, has finally surrendered after a valiant battle against his afternoon nap.  Now he is resting his busy little feet, perhaps dreaming of the fun he will have when he wakes up.  Maybe, just maybe,  if I take time to look at life through their eyes, rather than my crabby, pessimistic  "how am I ever going to do all that I need to do" eyes, I will see that my summer has not been lost at all.

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