Saturday, October 26, 2013

All Saints' Day

I thought I would share some of the saint costumes we have come up with through the years.  The kids use these as their trick-or-treat costumes, and some years our local Mom's Group has an All Saints Party, and then they get to wear them twice!  I don't know how to sew and usually make the costumes using fabric glue and cheap material.  In the earlier years I would enlist the help of Grandma, and she would sew.  On most years I will go out after Halloween and pick things up on clearance that I think could be useful in future costumes.

Mother Mary and St. Gabriel the Archangel
Mother Mary's dress was purchased at Walmart as part of a princess costume.  I bought the material for the belt, veil, and cape, and Grandma sewed around the edges.  
St. Gabriel's dress was sewn by Grandma, the wings were about $20, but we've used them AGAIN and AGAIN, and they were well worth the cost.  Ave Maria is written in Puffy Paint for fabric, the scroll is extra material from Mother Mary's dress, and the horn I took off of an old Christmas decoration.

St. Rose of Lima
The dress is again a cheap costume from Walmart, the veil is just black material, the chain is the inside of a bicycle lock, lipstick on the forehead, a foam ring with flowers and leaves glued on for the crown.  She is also carrying baby Jesus from her toy tub!

Year One of St. Michael the Archangel
There is no shortage of swords and armor around Halloween time, so those were an easy find.  These originally had dragons on them, which would have worked, but I chose to replace them with golden crosses we had taken off of baptismal cakes.  I used velcro to stick the crosses on to the sword and armor.  The wings are from the St. Gabriel costume, and the little "devil" was a cute stuffed animal transformed with markers into the devil.  The rest is mostly made up of random pieces of material we had in our costume tub.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Princess costume purchased on clearance the year before.  The veil is just extra material from an  old costume.  I may have purchased the crown, and the basket was just something laying around the house.

Baby Angel
This is the Mother Mary dress recycled.

St. Rose of Lima, Round 2
She lost the chain, added a rosary, and replaced the mulit-colored flowers with all red.

St. Michael, Round 2
Same materials, underneath clothes were switched up a bit and we just have fun playing around with different ideas.

St. Michael, Round 3 (I tried to talk him out of it), Bl. Pope John Paul II, and St. Helen 
St. Michael, needs no explanations, there are a couple changes if you look closely.  Bl. Pope JPII is wearing St. Rose's white dress, we bought new material for his cape, and the bishop's hat is made from a cereal box with fabric glued to it.  It is decorated with puffy paint.  St. Helen's dress is material literally cut in the shape of a dress and glued together with fabric glue.  Her cape is just material with the edges glued down.  Her veil is a burp cloth, the crown is from St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and the cross is extra wood we had from building our house.

Another look at JPII

And St. Helen 
Daddy carried her cross for her while trick or treating!

St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe
This is my favorite year!  Juan Diego is wearing white sweat pants and a long sleeve white t-shirt.  I bought the material for his tilma at Walmart and just cut a hole for his head.  I glued the other fabric to the tilma with fabric glue, and the picture was taken out of magazine, laminated, and glued to the fabric.  The roses were recycled form St. Rose's crown, and glued onto the tilma.  His beard and mustache were done with brown eye liner.  OLG's dress was cut and glued together.  I don't even measure.  Her veil is also glued together at the edges.  I used glittery puffy fabric paint to do all the detailing on the pink dress and stars on the veil.  Her belt came from Daddy's winter coat.  She drew and painted the image at her feet onto cardboard.  Both of them have black hair paint in their hair.

St. Joseph and Baby Jesus
St. Joseph's dress was purchased from Oriental Trading, and has a lily (from Walmart) pinned to it.  His beard is brown eye liner.  Baby Jesus is sporting the original St. Rose of Lima's white dress (cut off), and random materials found in our tub.

St. Michael (new kid, new look), St. Lucy, and St. Joseph, Round 2 (this kid loves repeats, what can I say?)
St. Michael finally needed a new sword.  His red dress is from Oriental trading.  The blue was originally used with Mother Mary's costume, and the rest is all the same.  St. Lucy's dress was the first one I actually tried to sew.  No glue, and I tried to measure and cut things and do things the right way.  I think I'll go back to the glue.  The crown is the St. Rose of Lima crown with a new twist.  The belt was just random material from our tub, the eyeballs are salt and pepper shakers found at JoAnn Fabric, and the cup was just in the cabinet.  St. Joseph added his tool belt (from the toy tub downstairs), when I insisted he at least change SOMETHING.

Our Pumpkins

Sacred Heart

The Monstrance

This year's costumes are in the works and will include:
St. Francis and St. Clare (Mom and Dad are getting in on the fun this year)
St. Cecilia
St. Maximilian Kolbe
St. Michael (yes, this boy is on the same repeat track as his big brother)
St. Gabriel the Archangel (recycled from so, so, so long ago...we did have to order a new set of wings since we'll have two angels this year!)  

Pictures to come!!!!

Happy Feast of All Saints!

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