Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 All Saints' Costumes

Yes, I know this is totally out of season...BUT since it IS the Christmas season  that means I am on break from school and actually have TIME to do this!!!

2013 All Saints' Party Costumes...low budget and little effort!

St. Francis: 

Monk costume and wig.  Purchased little wooden birds and had our daughter paint them, and grabbed a stuffed animal from the playroom to pin to his side.  The stigmata markings are red finger nail polish.

St. Clare:

Sewed the brown habit, purchased the wimple(?) and veil with a nun costume.  The monstrance was cut out of cardboard and covered with golden material, which we had in our leftover fabric tub.  I used fabric glue, but it didn't work very well. The host was cut from leftover fabric from St. Maximilian's costume (see below).

St. Cecilia:

The dress is an old dress of mine that our daughter plays dress up in all the time.  The golden cape was an extra piece of material from our costume tub that just needed to be sewn around the edges.  We did purchase the violin.

St. Maximilian Kolbe (my favorite of the year):

Prisoner costume purchased last year on clearance.  The cassock is from the nun's costume purchased for St. Clare's veil.  A rosary laying around the house.  Red and white felt with letter/number printed with black puffy paint.  They are glued with fabric glue to the shirt.  Quote printed on heavy paper and pinned to costume, and Daddy found us some free round glasses (that you can't see since I don't like my kids faces on the web)!

We also had St. Michael and St. Gabriel, both of which are repeats you can see here.

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